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Our publications

We are proud to mention the first paper in which DAPCEL, Inc. technology was successfully utilized:

Skabkin, M.A., Skabkina, O.V., Dhote, V., Komar, A.A., Hellen, C.U., Pestova, T.V. (2010) Activities of Ligatin and MCT-1/DENR in eukaryotic translation initiation and ribosomal recycling. Genes Dev. 24, 1787-1801.

In this paper a gene of the human DHX29 (1369 amino acid long DExH-box protein) was reverse engineered by selection of rare synonymous codons to ensure correct co-translational folding of DHX29 in a heterologous host (E. coli). The protein was expressed in its active, soluble form and purified to homogeneity. Activity of the recombinant protein was found to be identical to that of the protein purified previously from mammalian cells(1).

1. Pisareva, V.P., Pisarev, A.V., Komar, A.A., Hellen, C.U., Pestova, T.V. (2008) Translation initiation on mammalian mRNAs with structured 5'UTRs requires DExH-box protein DHX29. Cell 135, 1237-1250.


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