Choosing Your Host

We can recommend a hosting service that fits your budget and your needs.


After your website design is complete and ready to be uploaded to the host server. I will go online and use the online registration to setup your hosting account.  Some web hosts requires you to go through their technical support each time you want to change a password or add/delete an email account. Such chores are common maintenance that every webmaster performs time and time again, and it would be a great hassle if you or your webmaster had to wait for their technical support to make the changes for you.


We do not receive financial remuneration from the host we recommend. We pay the same amount for hosting my site, as you will pay if you decide to use them as your host. I am the webmaster for clients who have different hosts. People often ask me for my opinion regarding web hosting since I have experience with a variety of services. If you are open to getting on board with a company with a wonderful track record, we can easily set you up with them. We do not charge to login and go through the necessary steps to secure your site.


Once you have your own site, you would probably want to have e-mail addresses at your own domain, like, etc. A host usually permits unlimited POP 3 accounts. You can retrieve your mail with your email software or it can be automatically forwarded to your current email address. Most of our clients choose this method since they prefer to read all of their e-mail by viewing one account.